It’s all about balance
for broilers

Chicken breast muscles are essential meat products for consumers due to their low energy, low fat content, convenience and interesting organoleptic properties. As a result, the demand for chicken breast meat has increased and breast meat yield has become a decisive factor for economic profitability in the poultry sector in most European countries. An optimal meat yield largely depends on protein efficiency and on the balanced interaction between the quality and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and onthe microbiome present in the GIT.

Feed efficiency

For years the focus of broiler genetics has been on improving weight gain, feed conversion, carcass yield,… These improvements have put tremendous stress on the health of the animals with an increase in the incidence of metabolic disorders. Therefore bird health and more particularly gut health plays a significant role in cost effective broiler meat production.

Health preservation

As from day old poultry is grown under well controlled to less controlled environmental and biosecurity conditions. They are continuously exposed to microorganisms: non-pathogenic types but also pathogenic. This can be via direct contact with other poultry, equipment or people, via feed, water or litter or via air.

Stringent biosecurity and vaccination programs contribute to control and minimize contamination risk. Additionally functional feed ingredients such as Aromabiotic® Poultry can contribute to improve the general health condition of the animals. General health condition being one of the key-elements in obtaining good performances.

Main benefits of


  • Improving breast quality
  • Improving feed conversion
  • Enlarged antimicrobial activity

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